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1.5 in. Self-Tensioning Ratchet for Flatbeds and Pickups (2 PK)

1.5 in. Self-Tensioning Ratchet for Flatbeds and Pickups (2 PK)

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Special springs inside the ratchet store additional tension when strap is tightened.  When vibrations during transport would normally cause a load shift this tension is transferred into the strap, securing the load in place and preventing movement.

EASY TO USE — The SuperTiedown is used exactly like a typical ratchet tie down, with no special steps involved securing the load.

TIME-SAVING — Spend less time re-tightening straps!

COMPACT — Since the responsive springs are inside the Ratchet itself, there’s no bulk equipment or awkward extra strapping that might interfere with properly securing your load.

DURABLE — We’ve made the SuperTiedown out of the most durable and long-lasting materials available.  If you find something stronger, call us!

GENTLE — The polyester strapping is gentle enough to rest directly against most loads.

ECO-FRIENDLY — It turns out the best materials also make for the happiest planet!  Every product we sell is 100% recyclable.

    SuperTiedown Tech Specs:


    • 3000 lb Break Strength
    • 100% Recyclable Steel Ratchet
    • Two Modes of Release: Quick Release and Walk Down
    • 2 Heavy-Industry steel springs

       1.5” by 8’ Polyester Strap

      • High UV resistance
      • High Abrasion and Cut resistance
      • High Elasticity (<15% stretch under WLL)
      • Water-Tolerant
      • Fire and Acid resistant
      • 100% Recyclable
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