What is a Responsive Ratchet Tiedown?

 A Responsive Ratchet is a new kind of Tiedown which responds to changes in load tension, preventing rough roads and awkward loads from loosening the strap and losing the cargo.

Inside the steel ratchet are two heavy-industry grade steel springs which absorb additional tension when the Responsive Ratchet is tightened.  During load shift, this extra tension is transferred into the strap, maintaining overall tension and preventing the strap from loosening.

While you'll still want to check your straps periodically according to regulation, Responsive Ratchet tiedowns last all day without needing to be re-tightened.

Tighten Less, Earn More

The Responsive Ratchet Tiedown is more than just a better tiedown.  To help predict how much time the Responsive Ratchet can save you in tightening (and how much more money you can make), Super Tiedown has put together a helpful Value Calculator

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